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by Full Metal Unicorn 411 views


Splitter revealed a clever conceit toward the end of their film, but unfortunately the setup for that was unclear and ambiguous. Early on it was unclear, for example, who was supposed to exacting the revenge.

Default Avatar koroh the geek

Revenge! Yep got it! I saw the ending coming a little through half way but it didn't distract me from what was going on in the mean time. Good effort.

Default Avatar themorgan

A woman is tormented by the one who knows her best. Losing her mind (or gaining another?). Lovely staircase, gorgeous clock, and a tennis ball that kept turning up. Fairly tidily produced but the build up to the payoff was rough and it just never really popped for me. Great team logo though.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

[Viewed from the Screening Room] A woman, recently split from her partner, finds threatening notes lefts left around her home. This short had a few things going for it: attractive lead, some good camera-work and an intriguing storyline (even if I did see the ending coming). I thought the flashback sequence was handled well and although most of the dialogue was audible, I think a good external microphone would be a worthwhile investment. Your lead did a lot of talking out loud to herself, which started to feel a bit contrived after awhile. It also slowed things down a lot. Nice to see a different kind of revenge story being told. Well done!

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