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Prom Night

by Capture Productions 4,775 views


Default Avatar planetary

Really enjoyed this one, the performances were great. Loved the scene at the table with the headphones. Nicely shot too.

Default Avatar melpentecost

Hey cool, a film with actual character development! Shout outs to the scriptwriters. A sullen kid has to stay with his uncle who dances all over the farm. We watch the kid, (and we do watch him because of a skillful use of wordlessness) as he grows fond of his uncle. A key scene takes place where the kid listens to his uncle’s headphones at the dining table. When the audience finally heard the music you could sense everyone bopping along. Nice. The film was set up with a decent beginning and a middle, but not the ending we needed. The kid just leaves happy. I was hoping for a… prom night. The audience was with it the whole way but we didn’t get that final dance genre pay off. Great use of location and a super-good crack at building a story for a dance film.

Default Avatar emily.adeane

This was an absolutely gorgeous little film, that had me enthralled for the whole viewing. A neat little story about a boy and his uncle eventually bonding through dance, with a clear, well paced plot. The camerawork was attractive, yet efficient and the shots of the uncle dancing in the field were pretty lovely. The performances of the actors were definitely believable (possibly helped by the clever decision to omit dialogue from most of the film?) and all required competition aspects were integrated cleanly. Wish I could see more of your work!

I love dancing farmers and little boys. A+!

Default Avatar Eli Mead

I'm good friends with one of the chickens in this film, was surprised how well he portrayed himself as an ordinary farm hen. I can only assume this is the skilful remnants of this talented director.

Default Avatar Willow

Well structured plot with heart, character and humour. Good music choice, professionally edited with great cinematography. I could tell by the firm direction of this film that director must be a demon in the sack. I want to have his babies. A+

Default Avatar Peterman

A wonderful film - good technically and great performances. Well done.

Default Avatar candle blower

had time to think about this now, acting was weak and the boy didn;t look overly confident in some scenes, it looked as though he had been told to look to the left at one point and you could almost see the words Where writen on his face, maybe why the dialog was left out, very slow moving into the musical theme, on the upside the film was saved by the laughter recieved by the actor having to dance and make a fool of himself otherwise lacked storyline for something so simple, was disappionted in the muscial aspect or lack of it and I don't feel there was any really strength apart from the lead dancing badly, the film ended up with the boy walking back down the road which left me wondering, hmmm what happened to the prom night, failed to see what it was all about, a young boy goes to spend a night with his uncle? and has a bad waltz lesson then goes home? but the man likes to act like a goose in his paddock? I did however have a laugh but not because it was comically funny

Default Avatar Sezzi come lately

Interesting, when I saw the title and read the word musical admittedly I was expecting something different, the title and the film didnt seem to match, I also felt that it lacked a story I still dont know where it went, was the kid going to stay with a family member, a friend, who were they and what were they doing apart from trying to make us laugh with dramatised bad dancing, it got a few laughs in spots and I did enjoy and appreciate it, one of the better ones for sure

Default Avatar Ladyin red

I really liked this film was a bit shocked at the no dialogue at first but the more you watched the more you got into it and understood the story. thought the uncle and the boy gave really good performances and really got there story across, nice simple scenes, well done all involved good luck

Default Avatar siraza

A little slow to pick up, but really good - must see!

Default Avatar 48hourlover

Was a great film. I thoroughly enjoyed the scenery and also the acting.

Default Avatar Eli Cantwell

Very nice setting, very well shot, nice transitions and cinematography. Has a very good storyline, hidden to only those who had a keen eye on the film the whole time. Morgan foster was the boy. It clearly states that in the film with spoken dialogue, to whoever said it wasn't clear who Morgan was.

Default Avatar sleepless in suburbia

admittedly I feel the same as some of the others, I didnt see much of a story, in there, also the disassociation between the title and the film had everyone scratching their heads, the cinematography was inconsistant, as far as musical genre well to me it just didn't get there, but the actor playing the Uncle seemed like a good sport

Default Avatar 48hourlover

I have come here to correct my review as I genuinely hadn't noticed I gave this 3/10 by my mistake until it was pointed out. We'll done

Default Avatar paulette e

Really liked this film, I actually called it in the top three so happy that others appreciate this film as well, I felt there was a little drag getting to the music which was kept minimal which to me was great because I dislike musicals, liked the farmer, felt prehaps the director could of got a little more from the boy but it was simple and it worked

Default Avatar 48hourlover

I have come here to correct my review as I genuinely hadn't noticed I gave this 3/10 by my mistake until it was pointed out. We'll done

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