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Morgan's Time

by Fractured Radius 655 views


Default Avatar themorgan

Typically polished Fractured Radius short.

Default Avatar Mrs Bolter

There was something nice about this. It established the main character and storyline quickly and although the twist at the end was predictable, I somehow didn't mind. I liked the jungle dinosaur scene and am glad you did it the way you did rather than trying to show dinosaurs. The Jack The Ripper scene was great, It really captured an old England Ripper feel. I wonder if you will get away with the fact that technically, Morgan wasn't a liar though? Maybe a bit of an oversight to get the twist in but hey, you guys made it onto my voting slip.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

With his cardboard box time-machine, Morgan seems very much the conman as he shares his time travelling experiences with his daily audience. As usual, this is a very polished short from these Auckland veterans. It looks and sounds great, and it should be no surprise that it's skilfully edited. The acting is convincing and I enjoyed the clever approach taken with the time-traveling scenes. I thought too, that the dubious nature of Morgan's claims was well-played and while the ending was not really a surprise, it was the ending I wanted! Overall, this is a sweet, engaging story and one of the better ones delivered by Fractured Radius in some time. It's certainly one I'll be rewatching.

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