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by Toowit Toowoo 172 views


Default Avatar blairk

I can't imagine how long this took to make! Amazing animation. The dialogue was hard to understand at times.

Attractive animation of some of the cutest dinosaurs I've ever seen, these characters need their own children's book. The voice acting/recording let it down, and the use of elements (besides the line of dialog) felt lazy.

Default Avatar DuncanPacey

These were some cute-ass dinosaurs! It kinda reminded me of The Land Before Time...ah childhood. The voice acting on the protagonist dinosaur was a little tricky to understand, but then I don't speak dinosaur very well so perhaps that's my fault.

Default Avatar paulette e

I thought that was a really cool little film, cute characters

Beautiful character design and animation! I thought the story was simple and well executed. I agree with others that the voice acting could have been produced slightly better, not just for clarity but also to give the cute dinosaurs more of the personality they deserve. I also felt the ending could have used a little more punch - maybe in the music/sound design, as it felt like the film just trailed off. Also extra star for having my favourite team intro so far from all the films I've watched :)

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

I love animation films and this one was incredibly cute. I loved the time travel idea in this film and the lead character was hilarious.

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