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by Wusturn Sprungs 537 views


Default Avatar Liam Drury

Not sure if it quite fit a revenge movie as the hero was never really wronged. But that aside the acting was pretty solid putting some of the older teams to shame. Also the filming of the short was excellent with the close up and general set up of shots. Keep it up guys

Default Avatar mojojoseph

best team name/introduction. pretty good film, saw the bully guy look at the camera a few times but all in all it was pretty good

Default Avatar Nick Depree

Impressive for a (youngish) school team, I assume with some experienced help as the video and editing work was interesting and well done, quite professional in parts. Not convinced that it well met the 'revenge' genre as the 'hero' wasn't really wronged. Also quite obvious what was coming, but overall a good accomplishment.

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