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Decay Rate

by zer05um 98 views


Default Avatar Liam Drury

Very sad to give this a low score but the audio was so bad it was unbearable to watch. The story was quite complex so being able to hear everything would have gone a long way. For a team that can do an effects shot they need to sort out the audio side of things. That being said the main actor was quite good and I think the team has a lot to offer if they try again

Default Avatar Nick Depree

Shame about the audio issues (saw a forum post mentioning in-camera audio only from your team!) as it made the dialogue almost impossible to follow, and I had only a vague idea what was going on the whole time. Otherwise appeared to be technically well-shot and edited (although I wonder if the audio couldn't have been improved further in post?) and also the acting and different sets and locations looked good.

Default Avatar GGHM

Phenomenal acting and concept. I was just so sad about the audio, because it made it almost impossible to follow :. Stupid technology.

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