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The Reality Gamer

by The Funky Filmers 726 views


Default Avatar StuffedRamStudios

One of our teams favorites films this night! Really liked the humor, had lots of laughs and a great sad-comedic ending. Awesome!

Default Avatar CountTheLion

Generally a really fantastic film, great sense of humour and a very clever way to use the no-dialogue genre. Ending was a bit of a cop out though.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Our hero sits at a computer playing his favourite strategic life simulation game, "The Soms". He takes his "Soms" through their daily lives, relationships and beyond. This proved pretty popular with the audience thanks to its good set-up, nice looking titles and graphics, and great touches of humour - the boob upgrade was especially appreciated. The acting was solid and this team told a simple story really well. Jury is out about the ending however which, for me, wasn't overly satisfying.

Default Avatar Anonymous01

A great short for such a small team, very funny and has a very unique concept which separates it from the other films in it's heat. Initially for me the Som's idea was confusing as I had never played Sims before, but I realized it was some sort of computer game quite quickly. As a team, some of the other reviews have said that your ending let you down, although I think it was quite a nice dark-comedic ending to the film and capped it off nicely.

Default Avatar Mo Of Jo

Likewise with some other reviewers I wasn't entirely a fan of the ending. But this film was very clever and I enjoyed watching it, I am a big Sims fan and it captured some of the classic factors. Well thought out to fit the genre (which is a fairly tough one) and the camera and sound work did not have any big technical issues which allowed us to really watch the film, which is so important.

Default Avatar barjes

I thought this film had genuine charm. Clever storyline and just the right amount of humour. Great acting, funny but not too OTT! Loved it.

Default Avatar TrainR

Good film. The general idea was a good one and quite unique. However, during the cutback scenes to "reality" I found the lack of sound or at least anything happening a little distracting. Although you were unable to have dialogue in there even a simple "Hmmm" or murmur's, or even the sounds of the evening would have been a little more effective to show the contrast between reality and "The Soms" world. The ending was a little bit cliche and could have been a bit more of a twist/unexpected but all in all it was a good film. Good job to everyone involved!

Funny intro. Great music and I loved the SOMS graphics/introduction. Creepy guy looking around was great. I loved the green pyramid prop. That was excellent. Loved the dad coming in to complain about bed time. All too familiar. Great music at the death notice scene. Grim reaper was amazing. Great ending. Very nice timing on it with the edit.

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