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The Other Side

by Nightvisions 303 views


Two women are using a park bench at different times of the day. One is a chronic liar and the other is about lose lose a loved one. I was getting into the story, but unfortunately technical glitches made the whole middle section almost un-watchable, leaving a few gaps in the story. The acting was good, with some thought put into the cinematography. Would be nice to see the whole thing without glitches :)

Default Avatar I_love_film

A rather simple film, which was still very promising and compelling for me. Some very well-shot scenes and decent acting. If not for the severe technical issues and sometimes indecipherable vocal audio, I imagine it would have been quite enjoyable. Not bad overall, and one which had clear potential. Just be sure to address these hic-ups next year, and I am sure you will do an excellent job!

Nice idea just a real shame about technical issues because film had potential. I enjoyed the park bench idea and the acting. Well done!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Two woman sit on a park bench in London at different times of day. The woman at night has recieved bad medical news; the one during the day seems to exaggerate a lot. Eventually their paths cross. Quite an interesting story but its flow was broken up by frozen screens, white screens and black screens! Bit of a shame as a lot of it looked quite good. Unfortunately some of the dialogue got a bit lost in some poor audio recording too. Great to see an international effort in the comp!

Default Avatar proffenton

Story was solid, acting was solid, and the cinematography was good also, but the glitches (which aren't really your fault) left a big portion unwatchable. Bad luck, I look forward to seeing what you produce next year

Confusing dialogue sequence with the girl on the phone at the beginning. I saw the words "Confidential test results" and "kidney" on the medical form… it went too fast to read otherwise. Bummer about the black bit in the video. Cool job editing the park bench with day and night. IT looked really cool. Not really sure what happened in the story, though. Vic and girl have troubles and then meet each other and become friends?

An unfamiliar skyline and the absence of kiwi twang alert us that we are not in Christchurch. London, in fact, is both the setting of this film and the location of its filmmakers. This converging storyline tale starts off promisingly, with two unrelated characters' stories and just a park bench in common - one uses it by day, the other by night. Clues are dropped to their respective circumstances: one has recently lost her job (I think) but pretends she hasn't, and is struggling financially; the other is struggling with some bad news of a medical nature (possibly concerning a family member?). It's a good example of how precise details like this are not always essential to be understood, as long as we get a good insight into the emotional circumstances of the characters, and I thought this film played this out fairly well (perhaps moreso with night-woman). My favourite part of the film was the split screen timelapse sequence, which injected the narrative with fresh energy and really established the relationship of the two people in clear cinematic terms. I only wish this sequence had gone on a little longer, or perhaps had some inciting incident within it to propel the story forward. But the joining of the stories came shortly after, with night-woman falling asleep on the bench, to be found a few hours later by day-woman. The next scene was curious, with day-woman stealing the bank card from night-woman's pocket, and then night-woman waking up. Subsequently the two talk and become friends, so they both end up getting what they needed - a friend to talk to, and some cold hard cash - I guess? Actually, not really sure. This confusion meant that although the soundtrack suggested an upbeat ending, the audience were left a bit puzzled by this closing note to the story, and what it all meant. As mentioned in other reviews, technical issues of the submitted file caused havoc with the viewing experience, with frozen picture and the odd blackscreen. But despite this, the core idea shone through, and although it stumbled a little in the execution, I found this to be one of the more interesting attempts at the otherwise poorly represented Converging Storyline genre.

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