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by Boys And Their Decks 602 views


A guy is lonely in his class. He meets a new slightly strange friend who turns out to be a robot. The robot fights crime at night. An enjoyable watch with many funny parts to it, both in the writing and visually. It got the audience to feel for the main character which is always a good thing. Solid effort, had a good time. Great job.

Did well for the genre you were given. I enjoyed it. Well done.

Default Avatar Kawiti Naitoro1

The Boys and their Decks have created a film, which was both funny, and really did have some sweet moments where you could really feel true friendship bonds. No major technical problems, and overall a really enjoyable film to watch. The Boys and their Decks have come a long way, but to be fair to them, they have created some hilarious films in the past. Although this film did have a serious tone to it, it was still a ' feel good flick '.

Default Avatar I_love_film

I was extremely impressed last night with this film. It was well shot, no noticeable technical issues, brilliantly acted and had a rather well-developed story with plenty of humorous moments. I've seen some very good films from the robot/android/cyborg genre, but this one really appealed to me. Great job, guys!!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Vic can't sleep and he doesn't have any friends either. One day in class, Rob, a very strange individual shows up and Vic befriends him. Cue, bromance montage. Rob has another purpose though - fighting crime at night. This was pretty funny, with some cool fight scenes (especially the machete incident) and some good filming at night. There was a bit of distracting wind noise and if you say in the dialogue that it's really late you need to make sure that it doesn't look sunny outside the curtain. Good acting and a great little ending. Well done!

Default Avatar Dave Richards

This was my favourite film for Heat Nine. It had everything going for it, and was very well executed. As well as the surprise ending, it had incredible humour, brilliant timing, and I thought the acting was perfect.

Socially awkward boy befriends socially awkward robot. Despite all the potential for this story to go in darker or more obvious directions, it actually ended up being quite a sweet film. Basically it's a bro-mance, but with a robot, so it's what I like to call a, er, "ro-mance". I liked how Vic's character was established as a dreamer from way-back, and the see-saw montage in the classroom was a cute (and efficient) storytelling trick. Very amusing dialogue between them, especially their first scene outside the school. The nighttime scenes outside looked pretty good, and there was some nice use of action editing to really sell his non-human-ness. We never quite understood precisely what Rob's purpose was - if it was to fight crime, then he was certainly pretty poor on the collateral damage front, oh well. And in a competition full of depressed or otherwise angst-ridden insomniacs, it was delightful to have our hero Vic remain resolutely upbeat, even in the moment of his death. Great job.

Cool use of going behind the teacher to cut with blurring it to make it less noticeable. Nice. Shame the voice over dialogue was a bit fuzzy. I liked the robot dialogue. lol @ staring at the TV and the sequence of Rob not knowing what to do. Autofocus in the darkness "hunts" and goes into and out of focus, sadly. Cool silhouette of the cycle. The android did a really good job. Loved the arm iron scene. Point blank gun blast was harsh. Great link of the opening to the ending. Bubbling blood. Great.

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