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Default Avatar MistaTeas

Picture this: two guys buried up to their heads in the sand and the tide is coming in. Expect something to happen? Well, expect the unexpected 'cos these guys start hallucinating and things get all kinds of crazy. I love this kind of shit. It's a visual, aural explosion of all kinds of mad and something truely different. You really have to see it to understand what I mean. Technically pretty good for what they hoped to achieve, nice opening sequence, good use of prop and a very cool ending. When you get people cackling like maniacs (in particular Andrew Todd) then you must be on to something. In reality too, put in the same situation, I can see myself reacting very similar. Well done on being brave (or maybe you're just nuts!) and making outside the norm.

Cool opening shot of the card. Super bizarre editing/sound effects/etc. Great job making it weird as heck. Cool effect of the ocean receding/backwards video. Totally bewildering. Contending for best worst film for sure, just for how outrageous and amazingly confusing it was. Wonderful.

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