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Good Samaritan

by The Littlest Film Company 246 views


Default Avatar Lushmoss

Interesting! I gotta say that I didn't see the angle of this film until the betrayal. It made the ending surprising, but at the same time only tied everything together at the end. It could have been a little more dramatic as well, but I still dig! Also, liiiiiittle freaked out by the sudden black eyes. Success point!

Default Avatar TornSegment

I loved the cinematography and the story worked well. I really enjoyed the male captor mumbling about his partner's either inability to park or to let him park, I couldn't tell but it was hilarious. I also enjoyed that the twist at the end was a literal twist of the neck. ISWYDT.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

In a church, a man holds a photo of a loved one. Suddenly a couple burst in dragging a hooded victim with them. Eventually the man helps, what turns out to be a woman, escape. This starts really well and the haunting piano music adds to a sense of pending doom. Solid filming, good sound and convincing acting. I would have liked to hear a few more sound FX which seemed to be missing but apart from that a pretty good little film here with an interesting climax.

Cute intro. Very Dinosaur Comics. I liked how you worked in the insomnia bit "God doesn't sleep and neither do I" Cool church location and very interestingly/well-lit. Convincing bondage costume. Very cool. Nice work with getting clear audio out of a very poor acoustic environment. The guy getting thumped with a Bible ? was funny... maybe unintentionally. Great work with the ol switcheroo trope. Kind of terrifying ending, but nice work linking it back in to the photo at the beginning.

Default Avatar usernamewhatusername

One of my favourite storylines of this heat: I have a ridiculous love for standard clichés (the hero saves the damsel in distress from menacing captors) being played out and then turned on their heads. Gorgeous location. The only real criticisms to spring to mind seem minor: there was one, maybe two, odd-seeming cuts; and it seemed like there was some audio missing in places. But I loved the effects work with the eyes at the end, and I loved the ending in general. The soundtrack was also gorgeous, and I would have loved to hear it come up more throughout the film.

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