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Fart Man

by WillyWilly YumYum 995 views


Strange plot line but entertaining to say the least like always with WillyWilly YumYum. Same locations and plane lacked creativity from two years ago but still a shining light in the darkness of this heat. Shot Willy!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A 'woman' eats a banana and is confronted by a giant banana who claims that she is eating his babies. Just as the giant banana is about to attack her, Fart Man springs into action and takes the banana out with his fart gun, which immobilises its targets. The alter-ego of Fart Man is pretty unhappy though because he has been stuck in a bathroom for some time can only get out when danger lurks and only get back to the bathroom by sucking shit through a pipe. Clever work by this one man band, and certainly there are a great deal of humorous moments. That's part of the trouble though as this short is really just a series of skits and nothing substantial in terms of story. It's also really just the same film he made two years ago, with similar characters, similar locations and a similar opportunity to do a scene in a plane. Technically pretty good though, just not for me as it all got a little tedious really early on.

Funny banana bit at the beginning. Poop tube was uncalled for. Nice work with the business card. The underwater toilet shot was cool. Tough to hear what was going on in the car when the radio and dude were talking at the same time. Great job with the editing, and a pretty funny gimmick, though gross beyond what's acceptable with the licking/eating poop stuff. Disappointing in the face of all that talent.

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