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Default Avatar MistaTeas

Vic has just received bad news over the phone and it's about to get worse - ECQ are at her door for a post-earthquake final assessment. The house is a wreck but they're not very reassuring. However, it seems that Vic has a friend on the inside and that a bit of hacking may just save her house. She goes to ECQ headquarters to put the plan in action. Upshot always make good, solid films. This one is an obvious dig at EQC and has some genuinely funny moments - the entry to the ECQ building being my favourite. Pretty well filmed, good editing (apart from the long telephone call at the start) and overall another solid effort! Nice work!

Great acting on the opening scene, but no music or dialogue made it kind of weird. Loved the portrayal of "ECQ". lol @ you can hack into them. Music would have been a nice addition for the first part of the movie. Great concept of riffing on the EQC. Then the music kicks in. Guy's voice was a bit too loud. Not over, just begun... great way to end it. I'm sure there are many in Christchurch who know this feeling exactly.

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