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Blood Buddies

by Cobra And Mongoose 523 views


Some nice shots and locations but real issues with continuity and audio. Story was everywhere but team definitely showed potential for next year. Keep going!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Two mates go hunting for deer. One of them, Buddy, gets shot accidently and his mate is most upset. Some good aspects to this: spew cam POV, good location and nice use of line. Also some not quite so smooth stuff: the sync was out a bit and some backgorund sound was missing on occasions. I loved the escape/kills sequence. Nice job!

Super cool logo plate. Cool dolly shots as the guys walk across the wilderness. Great nature sounds/foley. Super meaty sound effect when the guy takes the shot. Great use of silence surrounding the compulsory line. Ambitious to redo all of the dialogue afterward, but it sounded great even if it didn't match up to the mouths. The hand held stuff was a bit rough, unfortunately. Puke shot was so unnecessary... everybody groaned. Awesome bow and arrow scene. The blood was amazing/hilarious. You guys must have had access to a super sweet location for that water processing stuff. Amazing work with driving so close to that dude's head before stopping, holy crap. So... the celluloid burned up at the end? No sound to the ending left it a bit dry. Solid effort, though.

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