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by Laughing Jamaican Productions 305 views


Default Avatar Kelly Bryers

Wow, what a bunch of talented people who created this movie. Big step up from last years entry. The audience gave a few out loud laughs even though it had a serious and sad theme. Great writing of the scriptand fantastic acting.....

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

I really felt for the lead actor in this film as he dealt with the nightmares he was suffering, about his wife dying, but in the end turned out to be real and it was a living nightmare. I enjoyed the acting in this and thought they did a good job. My only real criticism is that I felt the end wasn't really fitting to the rest of the film. Good job though and look forward to seeing them back next year.

Default Avatar hotdogsandwich

Some real commitment to the role by the lead here which kept my interest. It's tough doing a movie that you want people to take seriously when the filmmaking ability isn't quite up to scratch yet though. It wasn't bad but just not quite good enough to pull off a serious storyline just yet which might be why you got some laughs from the audience during the heat. Keep practicing though and you'll get there.

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