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by House of Oakley 154 views


Having only seen one heat, I can only imagine that most teams have struggled with this genre this year; I certainly found this tough, not helped by being the fifth serious film in a row and coming off a slightly similar arty film. But it had a nice vibe about it and I liked the lead actress's performance, who carried it wordlessly and effectively. Also: beautiful team intro.

Some really beautiful shots but it felt like this team couldn't quite figure the genre out, plenty of talent on display though

Default Avatar LavenderJane

I enjoyed this film. I was the only one of my group that did. Everyone else found fault with it but I thought it was beautiful. As a writer myself the thought of creating a film with no dialogue is daunting. Given the constraints of the genre, I thought this film did an admirable job of telling a story. I will admit that I didn't understand everything that was going on but I can say that about some of the films coming out of Hollywood too. I look forward to seeing more from this team.

This caused much discussion among our team as to what actually happened, so congrats on making us think. Some really nice performances and I liked the way you established the insomnia aspect with cross-cutting. Non-dialogue is always tough, but you did an honourable job.

Default Avatar Sho Nuff

I reckon this is the toughest genre and this team seemed to struggle a little bit with it. The scenes that featured more than one character felt like they wanted to speak but were only muted by the genre rather than natural forces. But in saying that, the film oozed atmosphere and had great performances from brave actors. Although I didn't fully understand it, I felt that the film makers made a story that was clear to them. I'm not sure what the rule is with the "non-dialogue" films when it comes to the line of dialogue that needs to be in the film. I'd be interested to see how other teams dealt with it.

Default Avatar Allanonwg

Production values were great, lead was solid, but seriously man, fuck this genre.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

A couple are having a baby. Some very nice editing and cut scenes throughout this. They spoke the line, which is allowed, but I really thought they were going to push the envelope and manage it without.

I'd be REALLY interested to see what other teams did with this genre! I actually thought the lead may have been deaf, as the soundtrack was very disorientating (in a good way) and that would add a level to the film and plot... but she wasn't.

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