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To my biggest fan

by RyanGoslingAppreciationSociety 364 views


Default Avatar charlie_chipmunk

I liked this. The young actors were great and the movie worked well. Nice work guys.

Default Avatar Smatt1995

Really happy with how this film turned out :D

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Gyan Rosling, a musical superstar is kidnapped by his biggest fan and made to perform a private show. Some very funny scenes in this film and I thought the actor that played the fan did a good job of treading the line between funny and serious. Well done.

Default Avatar Bluron

A hilarious concept. Some brilliant acting. I did find it little exhausting. The film didn't really seem to go anywhere until the end. Still, they were bang on with their genre. It was definitely obsessive.

Default Avatar MattressMurray

I quite enjoyed this film! In terms of technical quality it had a lot of room for improvement but in terms of substance it had a lot going for it. The jokes really kept me interested as well as the fantastic acting from the guy who played the obsessive fan. My only major gripe was the rather anticlimactic ending; as somebody above me stated, it didn't seem to go anywhere. A little more practice and some reading up on short film structure, you guys could go far!

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