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The Second Coming

by Dreamer Films 167 views


Default Avatar me myself and i

Good camera-work. Apart from this, the storyline was well developed; however the execution lacked purpose. Funny to see the Church of the Spaghetti Monster being recognised.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

A film about the rapture because of the return of the flying spaghetti monster. Kind of random, with some funny points and Vic went through a decent story arc but this was a very strong heat and this didn't measure up to the others for me. Soem good ideas and the acting was good. Look forward to next years entry to see where you can go.

Default Avatar annemarie

It was well filmed but I think I would have liked more punch from the plot line.

Default Avatar auckfilmbuff

An entertaining watch with good acting. I would have liked the plot to get a bit cleverer with an edgier twist. Well done though, it was a still a memorable film!

Default Avatar mitm

A solid storyline and an interesting concept about the strangest of raptures. Great line about that Briscoes lamp too. I felt that the film was quite slow though, there would have been a few things that could have been cut a bit for speed. But your ending was good and your make believe church was appropriately freaky haha.

Default Avatar Crawford Hannah

Good idea and some good moments but it didn't completely gel. I got the feeling that the writer and/or actors thought they were funnier than they actually are. Some technical issues i.e. camera work. I thought the ending worked although was a little predictable.

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