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by Out of Ink. 396 views


Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Loved the concept of this film, with higher production values it would be even stronger. The shaky camera worked well but the sound needs to be crisp for the creepiness to really work strongly. A guy video calls his girlfriend and mid call the video glitches and a hooded stranger appears behind her and she can't hear what he's saying. He races to save her but when he arrives he finds she never called him. I thought it was going to go for a hallucination scene but really happy they didn't and liked the payoff at the end. Nice work this year, with a bit more practice and polish next year I think you will do well.

Default Avatar Tracy Taylor

Thought it was a fantastic effort!

Default Avatar hotdogsandwich

Not bad, cool idea and look. I thought that the track used for him running through the neighborhood could've been more of a 'thriller' style track than a 'suspense', just to push the genre and to aid the fast, jump cutty nature of the sequence but yeah man, definitely not bad.

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