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Restless State

by Workshed Films 86 views


Default Avatar Snoopy123

This films storyline was fantastic. There were some great funny moments, loved the pony haha. There were a few technical errors but the characters and storyline really won me over. :)

Default Avatar No Symbols

A bold effort, but WAY too complex a plot for the duration and the skills of the cast. Audio a real problem and a rather confused approach - comedic in places but playing it straight in others left a very confused muddle.

I actually had to read the reviews to remember which movie this was.. The donkey was definitely the stand out character for me in this film, in fact hes all i actually really remember, though I still dont get how he was relevant to the movie.

Default Avatar BatgirlMelNZ

Too big an idea for the limitations of this film competition. Felt very rushed, jumbled and poorly executed. Given more time and direction I think this idea could have been turned into a great film.

Default Avatar Gussy

WTF did I watch? Good on you for having a go.

Default Avatar koroh the geek

I got a little lost in the transitions of this film. I'm sure it was either difficult or plain fun moving from scene to scene but it seemed there were maybe more scenes than necessary to get the plot across. I thought the context / concept was a good idea and no doubt alot of work went into your project, good effort

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