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Punchcard Pow Wow

by Chairman Wow 588 views


Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

This was another WTF film for me but they are the first team I have seen that had no dialogue in their film at all which scores them high for me as this was not an easy genre and they stuck with it all the way. However the story was weird. A botanist is working on a new flower/plant that burst into flames by itself and runs out of plants but luckily is invited to a competition where that exact plant is the first prize. The competition involved a bride/model dressed in plastic being fed a green liquid by three different contestants to achieve some effect, not sure what the criteria was for winning. Not really clear but it was very much in chairman wow style. again props for the no dialogue.

Default Avatar treo12

I really enjoyed the effort that went into this film, one of the stand outs on the night. Inventive storyline, and it looked great. Well done.

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