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Notice Of Seizure

by MITCIT 3,207 views


A MITCIT film that makes sense? You guys are losing your touch! In all serious though, totally gutted to see the DQ next to this one at the end of the heat. A tight film that managed to pack all the usual MITCIT goofiness within a coherent storyline. Only thing that was missing was copious quantities of CGI. Will be rooting for a "best disqualified" award for this film for sure.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

MITCIT departed from green screen this year and went for all live action (with a small amount of compositing for blood/gunshots) about a farm that is about to be seized and Vic, and his family, don't have any more credit but his brother Lucky does. Unfortunately Lucky was lost at sea and they only have till lunchtime tomorrow to pay the bank. Lucky shows up but Vic accidentally shots him, however he luckily survives but can't talk to give them the pin number for the credit card so they set about trying to torture it out of him. Some hilarious acting and funny scenes with jumper cables etc.

Default Avatar Jo Ellen

Was gutted to see disqualified, I enjoyed the film and thought it looked great. especially loved the opening scenes and the beach shots. Good work

Default Avatar hotdogsandwich

The slomo shots looked amazing and same pretty cool pull focus action going on too! I hope I don't offend but I thought the acting was so bad it was good, I wanted to hear more conversation between the bank manager guy and Vic, so much ham and cheese i could make a delicious sandwich haha.

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