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Myriad of Thoughtlessness

by Flock of Fonzies 235 views


Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

This film was really bizarre. Another non-dialogue film that had a voice over through out and it was still totally confusing. Vic wanders around and three masked guys do random things at the same time. Sorry I just didn't get this and was disappointed that you went for the voice over.

Default Avatar mitm

While I quite liked your element of narration in your non-dialogue film and your Dr. Suess like rhyme, I do think you were a bit lost in your storyline. It felt like a series of non-event moments of someone's work day where things happened, but it wasn't all that captivating. It looked like there was almost meant to be a comedic value to the entire thing with your three Mexican mask wearing bandits, but the pace was just too slow for that. If your film was really meant to be about aimless wandering, it sure got that down, but it didn't necessarily make for the most compelling of films. Shot quite nicely though.

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