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Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Vic buys a new 'jump card' to use public transport and has the card read by a mysterious woman at the train station. Over top of this are the radio/TV reports that talk about privacy breaches of people with the jump cards. A good idea and some good acting by the lead but I think it would benefit from being tightened up script wise, could maybe have been shortened. Good work sticking to your genre in a different way to the other teams.

Default Avatar mitm

I found this was one of the best uses of the card prop and a well thought techno-thriller that seemed very realistic. What really made this a great film was how great the sound was with that card beep, and the high quality of those radio reports. Well shot too, and well executed overall.

Default Avatar hotdogsandwich

I found this over-thrillerfying a not very thrilling story idea but you thrilled it up very nicely haha. I did enjoy it and it is a legitimately realistic subject matter which is cool to see so yeah, really good effort.

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