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Hens Night

by Toe Jam Productions 774 views


Default Avatar UreweraJack

Spoof of the Hangover movies. Had some great laugh out loud moments thanks mainly to the energetic leads.

Default Avatar stayhomel

thought it was very funny and cheeky, pretty much the hangover nz edition. very good production overall.

Default Avatar grafshore

really funny but the ending was predictable

Default Avatar wordcards

awesome acting and idea, however as it was a spoof it became quite obvious what was going to happen

Default Avatar William Engle1

The actresses were amazing. The idea were cliche. Don't worry about using vulgar jokes.

the two lead actors were what made this short stand-out, their performances were brilliant and hilarious. the narrative/edit could have been a little tighter, and the flashback scenes could have been more inventive. but the opening scenes delivered a perfect set-up and i would not be surprised to see this in the finals. congratulations!

Default Avatar bridie

interesting story line. almost like a female hangover in a way. good job.

Default Avatar Melissa Jane

i loved everything about this film....well done.

Default Avatar vulvatitis

People have very kindly described this as a "spoof" of the Hangover... Sorry, it's a rip-off

Default Avatar Mary Irwin

Hen's Night was a delightful light hearted hilarious romp through the corridors of impending matrimony. The characters were very well portrayed, we found ourselves feeling very fond of them as they bumbled their way to the altar with their charge. No bride could have asked for more attentive, fun loving, crazy and ill chosen bridesmaids and matrons of honour than these. That the bride turned up at the church at all was something of a small miracle. Beautifully executed and dramatically chaotic, this is a great example of how not to approach your wedding day!!

Default Avatar hotdogsandwich

A good idea with good storytelling but a bit of room for improvement on the actual film-making side of things. Good use of 'the ticking clock' throughout and the POV shot - if it wasn't a required element (and maybe held on a fraction less) it would have been a really nice subtle clue for repeat watchers!

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