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First Time

by Mad Prophets 385 views


Default Avatar previous

I thought the whole bathroom sequence was very funny and inspired. Acting was good and it had me laughing. I would have preferred more interaction with the girlfriend and thought the poo got an unfair share of screen time, although I accept it was the star of the show. Storyline suffered a bit from being stuck in the bathroom. There's a fine line between claustrophobia and a lack of action that the movie didn't always manage.

Default Avatar leetamawhorey

this was the funniest movie of this heat. well done loved it.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

A young guy is about to get laid but has to hurry because her parents will be home soon and he doesn't have a condom. He decides to go to the bathroom, presumably to look for one, and ends up using the toilet instead. In a scene that was reminiscent of dumb and dumber his poo wont flush because the toilet is broken and he ends up talking to his poo for the rest of the movie. Not really sure what they were going for but I presume they had some fun making this one.

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