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Control Freak

by Porcupine Circus 407 views


Default Avatar Alex Davidson

Some good use of VFX and sound to add to they story. Story was clear and interesting.. Could have left him dead at the end though... Some good night shots too

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Two young guys watch Vic go into his house then leave again and decide to break in to see what he was doing but one of them is caught and has a control chip installed in his brain. A good idea but I would have like to have seen more use of the control side of things, making him do things he didn't want to. Nice effort overall.

Default Avatar hotdogsandwich

It looked like you guys were experimenting as you went which is fun to watch and it is quite a challenge to go shooting in public like that but certain story points after he was being controlled seemed a little weak to me, it remained intriguing though so yeah, good effort!

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