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Coffee To Go BOOM

by The Roger Harper Experience 267 views


I was sold from the team intro. Probably the funniest one I've ever seen! This was a solid premise and I liked the way the music was used with headphones on and off, although a bit more care with sound would have really helped. The storyline was good and the reveal was funny but almost didn't need to be there because it confused the tone somewhat. Solid effort!

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

A guy leaves his phone behind in a cafe and the barista picks it up. He gets calls about stopping a major terrorist and gets talked into helping. A great montage of him making a bomb and the ending was great.

Default Avatar Vincent-Vega

Action to the max with this film - great punches thrown, looked great on film. Nice close-ups of the coffee's as well - anyone a Barista by chance? Good work on getting the 'spy tool gps tracker thing' sfx effect on screen - that adds such an amount of pressure and you guys pulled it off. I was also surprised by the cut to puppets at the end, but as someone else has mentioned, this is the heat for Soft Toys & Puppets so fit well actually. Good use of music through Vic's headphones to allow the action to happen while he's still on screen, but still 'in the dark'. A team to watch for sure, and a nice 'final film' to end the evening.

Default Avatar me myself and i

I didn't quite like this one. The throwaway exposition of Vic being an insomniac was hilariously bad. The showing off of a crew member's barista skills was overused. The set used for the cafe was also cheeky. ***SPOILERS*** The puppet ending was good though. Perhaps the team should have made a puppet movie instead. ***END OF SPOILERS*** Better effort expected in the future.

Default Avatar rob558

Fun, action movie. More muppet screen time would have been awesome

Default Avatar Hot Toddy

This was a funny film with a great story idea. I think this team did well to entertain - especially as the last film in a late heat! Some sequences were finely put together with clear images, story telling and good acting. For me however, this film was too long in places and some fine tuning in the editing suite would have given the film a snappier story.

Default Avatar Papasmurf

Good entertainment and a nice way to finish off the heat. Good idea, but a bit too long in places, the reveal at the end with the muppets was fun, look forward to their future efforts!

Default Avatar John Carter

One of the best three of the night. It started well, had a likeable lead, but the comedy was uneven and pacing was off (eroding the likability of the lead). In the end I really wanted to like this one more than I actually did. The terrorist plot was half-baked and unrealistic while seemingly trying to be serious. The muppet reveal was funny but only because it made no sense at all. Overall a solid effort that got more right than it did wrong.

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