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A Shot in the Dark

by Surprise Discovery


Default Avatar Stuart Rogers

A difficult genre to nail. Excellent camerawork and the performances by the leads were great, believable. Throwing the ball between characters was brave and, in the end, they didn't look phased. Shooting at night worked well for you guys. I kinda saw the ending coming from a long way out. Perhaps more film talk would have kept everyone guessing ie 'Who's better Freddy or Jason?'. I found myself wanting more before it all ended. Like I said, a difficult one to nail. Great effort and superb execution.

Default Avatar Ash Kaa

I only wanted to comment once read the other review.

Default Avatar Ash Kaa

I really enjoyed the camera work and the actors were believable. If given more time I reckon this could a great short. Working at night really worked for this film. although you could tell what was going to happen in the end. Well done to this group of people.

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