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The Red Room

by And Action!


This was a weird one. Great opening sound effects on the opening scene, with the dialogue. Really creepy and cool effect. Excellent make-up on the people at the beginning. Great editing and cuts during the rapid-cutting part near the beginning. I really liked how you linked in the character and the line in a sort of one-two combo. Fantastic use of the leaf prop with the fake web search page. I liked that a lot. Awesome effects and sequence after the phone call into the end. I really liked the error dialogue after the credits too, which was a nice touch. Things to work on: For as great as the sequences were at the beginning and end, the middle part was a little flat. The composition of the shots wasn't very strong, and the overall feel of the middle part wasn't very polished. I would suggest practice and experience to get comfortable and figure out what works. Good film overall!

Three mysteriously dressed and make-upped individuals ominously open this Urban Legend film. One speaks, the other two echo, all casting hollow stares at the camera, pretty effective stuff. Then we find ourselves in what looked like a school computer room (meant to be a newsroom, perhaps?), and a bit of chatty chatty ensues. The dialogue was a bit stilted, but the mystery of the Red Room was established – some kind of secret website which has a list of its victims or something. Then we shift to nighttime, and they’re using the “Leaf” search engine (cute) to find it, but then it finds them instead, the room turns red, and our favourite comedy-challenged trio make a reappearance to inflict unpleasantness, pointy swords and a bit of death upon our hapless investigators. This film had moments that were truly unsettling, like the opening bit. Maybe we needed more like that. I felt there was a bit too much exposition with characters sitting in front of computer screens; computer screens, while obviously relevant to the story being told, are frankly a bit boring to watch. And I guess that main trick missed here was for one of the leads to stumble upon the website and see their own name on the list prior to the crazies turning up; dread of the inevitable is always compelling. Still, I liked that they went with a simple idea and didn’t try to overly complicate things. Not a bad attempt at a tricky genre.

Default Avatar proffenton

Solid premise, with a very unsettling opening and ending, however the film as a whole flowed poorly. The bulk of the film was quite boring indeed, and the ending was rather abrupt. Had moments where it shone, but as a whole, a bit flat.

Solid opening and ending. Great use of leaf but shot choices and acting was very amateur throughout the bulk of the film. If this film was better story-boarded and rehearsed could have casued some damage!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

It's always fun to play with guns though and these guys had some to play with so I imagine they had a great weekend. Good on you for entering, work on your story telling and come back again next year. A girl is murdered and the internet Red Room pop-up is to blame. Exposure to this pop-up causes death and your walls to be painted red...with your blood! Two teens who stupidly (but necessarily) check it out are exposed and fear the same will happen to them! Wow, this team from Nelson had a big crew - superb that you had that level of involvement. As to the film, well, it included some pretty strained and therefore painful dialogue. As a result, the characters and story didn't really grab me, thus I was rooting for the Red Room and more kills! Some of the effects were well orchestrated and there was a well-executed finish. A good effort if it was your first time!

Default Avatar YourFace123

Awesome work for a difficult genre!!! Couldn't have done better myself! the make-up was unbelievable! so dramatic and over done. soooo Gaga. Mother Monster would be so proud. Obviously had some really talented extras in the back ground of many scenes. I thought that that some of the extras should have had a bigger role. I like the Huffer hat in the background. The three lead roles were very strong. Thought it was hilarious how on the computer screen it had, "This Guy" written. Looks like you had a great weekend eating coco pops lawl. For such a big team, you definitely bought it to the table ;) Story line could've been a bit stronger, but the effects were super cool making up for it. Maybe a different legend should have been considered. However, for such a tough legend great teamwork considering how many people had roles. REAAAAAAAL GOOD. ;) oh. and the Leaf thang was super duper CAH-UTE!

Default Avatar Emi

Wicked effects used. Like the make up it really followed the storyline. The Leaf search engine was a great idea and worked perfectly! Acting was good, could have been a a tiny bit stronger, but then no one was expecting professionals. Costuming also worked with the storyline. Many media codes and conventions were used, your teacher should be proud!!! So in my eyes it is definitely worth an excellence. The directors definitely did a fantastic job, especially with a big and great team. However, when the actor said, "Its Real!!" It was a lol moment.

Default Avatar Sweetipie

Loved this film. The audience response was incredible, and we definitely enjoyed the short - can tell because the audience applauded even during the denoument.The opening and ending were fantastic, though I have to agree with the above comments that the middle was slightly flat. However, I find that for a school team of so many young enthusiasts, you did REALLY well, especially compared to the other school teams in the heat. The make-up was really high quality on the three creepy ghouls in the opening sequence, loved the flash camera effect with the first murder. Would Have liked to see more of that, less chatty-chatty. But for the high level you guys are working at for a first-timer school team, Kudos all round! :) I WANT MORE!

Default Avatar stuff 0000

i did not like this movie and it was boring and plain

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