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The Lollipop Thief

by So Sick Production 429 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

An old man steals a boy’s lollypop and the chase is on to get it back! Man, got enough camera gear? Certainly some nice shots but this film was more reminiscent of a sketch from Benny Hill than a complete story. There was minimal dialogue and I couldn't work out if the chaser was deaf or foreign! Likeable, but not a lot more!

Default Avatar Kennzie

The motivation for the chase may have been slight but the chase was nicely paced with comedy touches.

Default Avatar Agoranomos

I enjoyed your film. Even though the story was little more than an excuse for a prolonged chase scene, I thought it fitted the genre well. I was very impressed with your camera work, and your actors played their roles very well - I especially liked the thief's facial expressions! I liked the way it ended with the spade as well.

This was fun and silly. Great costumes. Great use of slow-motion. Good composition on the shots, though the white balance seemed to be all over the place (auto?). Nice work mounting the camera to the outside of the car, those shots were neat. The ending was a little bit morbid but I laughed. Things to work on: The story wasn't terribly compelling, though it made for an easy villain and a fun chase. The technical side was good, but with a little extra attention to detail it could be great (make sure stuff is locked down!). Good production.

So yeah, sure, this film was extremely slight, with a super-duper action chase sequence to get the mean old man who stole some kid’s lollipop. Which is as good a reason as any to have a chase. But something else I really liked about this piece was that for the first minute or two, there was a mystery element to it, as the film introduced a bunch of different characters in the park, and we had no idea who was who and who was going to become our leads. I also enjoyed the absurdity of how in this alternate reality stealing lollipops is regarded as a crime greater than homicide, in particular as demonstrated by the workman’s reaction to hearing what the thief has done. All up, there wasn’t much story, but it was a pretty film with some fun performances.

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