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Strange Times

by Boys and Their Decks 2,023 views


This was a fun, kind of silly film. Nice use of the prop. Great music choice during the rocks laying, which ended up being a sweet shot with the sun backlighting the guys sitting in the rocks. Great shot/moment when the guys went outside and everything was "frozen" in place. Great music choice when the mayhem begins and the guys start running around doing whatever. Kind of dodgy/gross when it's implied the guy gets peed on. Excellent visual effect with the guy stuck mid-swing on the swingset. I enjoyed the overall use of music in this. Good ending. Things to work on: Credits were impossible to read, though that's not a big deal (or a bug deal). There were a lot of little details that could be tightened up with experience and practice. Overall it was a great film, though.

Default Avatar proffenton

Funny, unique, smart, and well shot. Credits went too fast, but who likes them anyway? Great overall film.

Mail-order rocks make our two slacker protagonists experience time at a different rate, and as a result everyone else appears to be moving extremely slowly (except two random guys working on a chimney in the distance). A montage of immature and/or distasteful acts of slow-person-sabotage ensues, and eventually our heroes realise that this whole timey-wimey thing is getting old real fast, and so they try to change things back to normal again, with not-quite-intended results. I really loved the concept of this film, and some of the visuals sold the idea pretty well, such as the frozen-in-time and wooden-falling acting from the extras, plus a neat special effect of a guy in mid-swing in a playground. Tonally I guess I wished they had gone either more serious, exploring the character consequences in more interesting ways, or else more silly; as it was it sat just a little bit uneasily somewhere in the middle. So all-in-all a bit talky, a bit nasty, but it had its moments.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Two guys complain about their lives. As with everything, the internet has the answer - a site that sells rocks that can give you power! Once they arrive, our guys build a nice little rock circle and wait for something life changing to happen. Initially they are disappointed with their purchase but soon discover that time has stopped for everyone but them (and someone mowing a lawn). What else to do but cause mischief, that'll never get boring! There was quite a bit of camera and tripod noise in this. Worse however, was some of the dialogue which was often very painful to listen to. When we could hear it that is; as the wind often intruded. Some of the time freeze effects were superb (the swing) - others were awful (the girl you tried to molest). I can understand her concerns though! All-in-all a pretty good effort that had some nice moments of comedy! Good job!

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