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Shadows in the Woods

by Dividing by Zero


Default Avatar MistaTeas

[Schools] As explained by a lengthy text sequenced, a hair loss virus has ravaged the planet. Seventeen years after its release and only five or six young people remain having been kidnapped by a secret society. One day, while walking through their forest where they live they come across another survivor – a scientist who started it all. For the most part this looked and sounded quite good although the noise of the sea was a bit of a distraction. The flashback scene about the creation of the virus was a well handled and well thought through sequence with some nice touches – a full head of hair on the scientist for example. Most of the acting was pretty wooden but in one case especially so and the audience loved it! I wish he had, had more lines because he was superb! The “Hunger Games” feel of the film didn’t really help it and there was too much telling instead of showing with lines like “All, right let’s go” after it was already plainly clear that they were going somewhere. Nice use of locations and if you filmed your exterior shots on the Sunday (was sunny then) then that’s a top effort to get this in on time. Good job!

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