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One Lady Owner

by Random Head Scratch


Interesting storyline let down by some average acting

Great take on the "found footage" genre by these first time new comers Sound FX finished it off nicely and well chosen music Looking forward to seeing more from "Random Head Scratch" in years to come

Default Avatar Lil79

Interesting story line, great twist at the end. One of the best from this heat. Well done guys.

Default Avatar audiox

Great use of the genre - could have looked a bit more scared but I loved the hit and run scene. Great effort for some first timers - look forward to seeing what they have to offer next year

Default Avatar Bluron

Interesting idea. I thought the bad acting actually worked in this films favour. I found it quite comical seeing the two mains so nonchalant about being kidnapped by a driverless car.

Default Avatar Smangster

Good idea, poorly executed? Regardless, laughs were had

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