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New Flat

by Cheval House 549 views


The best commitment to found footage we've seen in the competition so far. This team used limited equipment and a sweet location to tell a complex but awesome story. I wish the story had come a little sooner in the piece, it felt a little like the crush plot was a bit of a red-herring for what was to come. When it happened, it was masterfully executed (mirrors! The door!) and set my mind spinning right back through the whole film. The editing was pretty slick and flowed well from one shot to the next but I'd still like to see the team take another crack at making the same movie without the time constraints. More time for the actors to explore and develop the portrayal of their characters would have, I'm sure, grabbed the film an extra star or two.

Default Avatar seamus mcrae

wow guys 10/10 this film was incredible i like everything you put into it the loop and the developing crush story it all worked really well and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time definatly my one of my favorite films of the night

Default Avatar seemeemorrow

cool story line :)

Default Avatar huckleberry

To be honest you nearly lost my interest completely. Far too long was spent setting up relationships that weren't even resolved. The idea was very strong and very well executed, though i question for how long they would be filming (especially on the toilet?). Good film. Well done!

Default Avatar Not a TV Star

This was a really interesting story and was executed really well. The beginning dragged on a bit and your use of the leaf seemed a bit contrived. Also, I would have liked to have seen more develop between the characters 'crushing' on each other. There seemed to be a lot of that set up with no pay off. But overall, a wonderfully creepy film.

A very solid, and original concept. A great use of the genre. Clues and twists fairly well executed. Mandatory elements were a little on the weak side. This could have done with a little more exploration. Otherwise, great work.

Default Avatar Amysanwaaa

Of all the films in this heat, your teams was one of the most well put together. The lead up was a bit long and i almost lost interest, but you pulled me back at the point where he looks and sees himself going to the toilet. Before that point I thought it might be a terribly put together "haunted house" theme you were going for, so it was a nice twist. Your idea was good and judging by the audiences gasp at the end it was clear you were going to be a favourite in the heat. Well done.

Default Avatar MosesSchlong

Found footage has been bastardized of late, and I've taken to deducting a star from any movie for that fact. In saying that, I love time-travel/parallel universe plot devices. So well done. Peeing with the door open?

A cool little twist on an otherwise mundane premise. A group of young adults move into a flat and somehow decide to film everything from their petty disputes, to taking a leak with the the toilet door wide open (seriously a cinematic highlight). Here it gets interesting though, as we start to learn that not only are they not alone, but that they are sharing the same space (and/or time) with doppelgangers of themselves. Some very nice work flawlessly duplicating characters in the same shot. Took quite a while to pick up speed, but the ending had just the right mix of unexpected loose ended weirdness to leave viewers very satisfied.

Default Avatar Spaces are allowed

I agree with what everyone has said. Took too long to get into it, characters werent developed enough, but the ending was superb. That being said, this genre is certainly a bitch to work with, im yet to watch found footage that doesnt make my eyes sore to watch.

Default Avatar meowpandacat

Other reviews have stated that this film took too long to get to the point and that the characters aren't developed enough, but I saw this as a positive thing. You get into the flat and you get to know the characters a little bit, up until the toilet scene when things get weird, and it was all down hill for them after that. Because I've seen this kind of film before, from the moment they got out of the car I got that vibe like something was going to go seriously wrong, and I wasn't disappointed. Really quality editing, and acting. The team did an excellent job.

An excellent well executed film, the horror found footage genre worked really well for the concept. Story went a bit flat in the middle but really picked up at the end with some awesome camera techniques which were pulled off brilliantly. All in all a enjoyable film with a solid concept.

Default Avatar stevestevenson

Stuck out due to its attempt to create an original idea out of what someone else has correctly said is a bastardized genre and it worked. Some very good editing with the mirror/toilet scenes and good acting. Seems to be the general consensus that it took too long to get to the "action" which I would agree with. Possibly one more doppelganger revelation of one of the female characters could have fixed the slow build up to the end adding that little more suspense. But overall really enjoyed it. One of the top films of the night.

Default Avatar seamus mcrae

wow guys 10/10 this film was incredible i like everything you put into it the loop and the developing crush story it all worked really well and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time definatly my one of my favorite films of the night

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