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by Aesir


Well done for a good shot at a serious flick, which is very out of the ordinary for a superhero film. Excellent opening. The audience wasn't quite sure what to expect, the filming of this scene was excellent. The performance of the lead was credible, I believed him when he spoke, and his whole angry demenor was very interesting to watch. The slow reveal of the backstory was handled well, and though relying on a cheap camera trick for the display of super powers at the end, the emotion of the scene was carried so well that this was easily forgotten. A good ending, I bought the change in character. However this film was let down by sticking too closely to the cliche. Much of the dialogue and story were recycled and boring. Many great moments were missed due to lack of originality. The lead was clealy doing his best to deliver the emotion of the scene, but could only do so much with cliche lines. Also I feel with just a little bit rehearsal time and direction, he could have given a truly great performance. Also the camera quality was a little average. This team clearly had a good enough camera, and they did make some strong frames, however they need to spend some time working on there exposure. Sequential shots varied too much in terms of colour and light, and many scenes were overexposed. This team shows a lot of promise, and there is clearly a lot of talent here. But more camera practice is required, and they need to find more originality, they need to find something that makes them unique.

Good on these guys for attempting a serious superhero film. It shows some excellent storytelling devices and for the most part it is excellently shot. I was impressed by the use of special effects in ways that are both simple and more comlex, but at all times effective. This is one I heard people talking about afterwards - using words like "beautiful". I did feel like the acting (it may have been the accents) let this one down, and the difference could have been two extra stars on an already-strong film. A nice technique to present this story as a retrospective and good use of motif in telling the story.

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