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According to Plan

by Fail Bagel 588 views


A very sweet tale and a good execution of "found footage". It was simple and effective.

I must say I was a bit confused about this film. I could have sworn I'd seen the intro before, but the film was completely new to me. The film follows a rather unfortunate Nicky Brick who plans to propose to his girlfriend on a camping trip. Because he's so unlucky everything goes wrong. If there is any comment to be made, it's perhaps about the overuse of the unlucky trait, though it worked in the context and this film would perhaps stand alone better, away from the expectation of the compulsory elements. I was pleasantly surprised with a very light and funny storyline. The idea was solid and simple, and they executed it well. It managed to be funny at unfortunate circumstances without making you cringe, and it was well wrapped up.

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