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A TIme Of Legends

by Brunch With The Girls 148 views


This was nicely shot and well acted but I think where it fell down perhaps was the choice to do it as a documentary as oppose to a story. Instead of choosing an urban legend and making a story about it they chose to report on it. I think there was better opportunity for development of character, drama and even comedy if they actually chose an urban legend rather than reported on it. Something like Candyman is a good example of this.

I sat next to this bunch and they're a nice bunch of guys. A young (but not that young) team with an eye for locations and an ear for stories. But maybe too *many* stories! 'Time of Legends' tracks down and catches up with three urban legends and asks: what do they do now? But separating its actors makes it hard to engage despite characters rife with flaws. Still, this is well made for a young team with stacks of good content presented in flowing montages and effective use of some advanced techniques like ADR to troubleshoot sound issues. If they'd recorded a buzz-track in the narrator's location that could have been even better! The team is still learning, but it seems like they're working things out well for themselves. They should hang with some other crews, learn their tricks and be back to impress us proper next year.

Default Avatar Tangerine_Tangerine_Tangerine

I enjoyed the over the top narration and a few other bits, though all in all it was a bit weak. Comedy is hard, and what might leave your mates in stitches because you know the actors, can just end up as dead air on screen. I agree with exquire about the actors needing to interact with each other, you just needed to bring them together. A cliched 'AA' type meeting or a urban legend reunion might've done the trick.

Default Avatar dabblerfilm

Although some of these reviews have been right on the money, I felt this was a daring film. This team managed to keep the audience in near on straight silence throughout the duration of the film. This was due to a very honest reflection for the characters. The ADR in this film was superb, though at time, could have done with a buzz track. The ADR put this team above other teams as good sound is what is lacking in budget film making. This team played it safe with an episodic documentary style film and it payed off. This team is a strong group and hopefully we will see some daring projects in the future.

Default Avatar Reviewar

Loved the Team intro! But that was about it...felt a bit awkward watching this as it was trying to be funny but fell a little flat. Prehaps with better writing this team will be better next time?

Default Avatar georgiacarron

Into was great, props to you! Maybe next time continue the same enthusiasm throughout the rest of the film. Felt awkward and depressing.

Default Avatar frankproductions

After watching the intro i was preparing myself for a masterpiece, to say i was bored and disappointed was a understatement. Acting was dull..... and was it supposed to be funny? not sure. Yawn central in the movie theater. Read a review from someone praising the silent audience? Potentially because people were watching the time rather the film. Good luck next year.

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