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by Awesome Evil Teens 119 views


Default Avatar Cassandra Burton-Wood

Very interesting beginning. I did like the montage sequence and the shots that were used- it worked in a kind of teen-angsty way. The ending was a bit of a sudden mood changer and felt a little out of place. Cool concept though.

Default Avatar Cassandra Burton-Wood

Very interesting montage sequence at the beginning - it worked in a kind of teen angsty way (but probably not in a super-hero movie way?) It was well shot and quite entertaining though. However the ending deflated the whole film, it felt like it came out of no where. Cool concept though.

Default Avatar Sireldo999

Interesting idea, I thought the plot needed some work and it ended very abruptly, I laughed, but I am not sure for the right reasons. It was a solid effort with some cheesy humour which went down well. Good job.

Default Avatar Thedano665

Not really sure what was going on. Like the sit ups with the biscuit. A sudden ending with the random victim coming and punching the superhero in the face. :/

Default Avatar Riles66

I'm not sure what the story was, some nice moments and techniques the ending was abrupt. Another difficult genre.

Default Avatar Dannielle Boomasaur

random girl at the end coming in a just punching her?? totally unclear why that was there. but the montage was good, although i didnt understand the cookie eating situps. that shot just went on a litttle too long

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