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Happy Birthday

by Kaiti Hill 1,301 views


Default Avatar Dan Browne

I really loved this short! I think its one of those few films that would stand up by its self outside of the comp! Awesome work guys! :D

Default Avatar jozer

good arty film - a bit blury in places -g00d acting

Default Avatar read-bloomfield

brilliant. nuff said.

Default Avatar Derek

A beautifully shot film no question about that. But it left me bored for the most part.

Default Avatar vault502

A woman loses her child, and spends the film getting more and more worried and agitated, only to find the child was playing in the back yard all the time. This was a really well shot and well acted film. It really drew me in and the tension kept building genuinly. I felt like it could be a real situation, and felt really sympathy for the over reacting mother. The filming was amazing, a really good camera operator with stylistic, artistic and provocative shots, I loved how the shot never quite got everything in, adding to the tension. What stood out though for me was the acting of the main actress, she was amazing, completely believable and everything from voice to manerisms was perfect. The shaking hand with the bullets was really good, and her grief when she see's the coat was completly believable. I feel like this film was good, but was more of an artistic piece rather tehn a story. You have real potential for future films, just try and make more of a story is my advice. Also I think it would have been really cool if you had set the locations to look like where the main acress is from, as it is a bit unbelievale that you would think your child has been kidnapped in NewZealand.

Default Avatar jozer

good arty film - a bit blury in places -g00d acting

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