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Just Desserts

by Team 3 266 views


Felt a bit unfinished, or the plot wasn't explained well enough, but some nice shots, and a good edit, better luck next year guys

Default Avatar MistaTeas

After a well-appreciated intro with a dog this kicks off with a bloodied guy running through the trees. He finds or refinds a body that he fleeces for a jacket and a wallet. A bit later he also finds that perhaps it wasn't the best idea to assume someone else's identity. Another really short film produced this year. That early morning CHCH fog was used perfectly and there was some nice camerawork. As said, short and then predicatable in the end and not sure really if this counts as a body-switch, more of an identity switch.

Slightly confusing, but personally I enjoyed this. I thought it was really well shot and I really liked the ending. Good idea for body switch but lacked story. well done guys. Me likey!

I was really excited about this film, I was getting into it, I was thinking this was good camera work, tight, awesome in fact. My only disappointment is that I felt it had a great build up, but then it ended, a little more padding or story line would have made this even awesomeer!

short and sweet i liked it! well shot well edited although we didn't find out why he was covered in blood to begin with? did he just murder someone and happen to stumble across another murder scene?? we didn't hear Bobby's last name but i'll assume it's Young, (credits looked classy XD) acting was as good as it needed to be. Well Done

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