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by Piscola Films 36 views


Default Avatar Ghride Ghoti

This film had a lot of potential, but seemed to pull up a little short. Given the hero's particular superpower, it seemed to be building up to a very clever freeze-frame ending. However when it arrived it was just a little unsatisfying. Nonetheless, it was competently produced and displayed a good storyline that fitted its genre in more than just the obvious ways. Good going.

Nailed the genre - and did it quick. Smart little storyline with some very nice shots throughout. I liked the team logo as well.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

The film opens with a guy standing on a ledge. He thinks back at how he got to this point and his special ability - freezing people. The dillemma he faces his whether he can save everyone. Some nice camerawork with this short and someone has become good with After Effects or the like as the freeze effect was very good. A short and sweet story that perhaps didn't tell enough.

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