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Dead End

by SpeakerDip 1,692 views


Default Avatar Yoon Suk Hong

I was kind of disappointed in the end result. Not enough cowbell. Need more pylons.

whoops accidentally reviewed twice

well shot, acting was good, I liked the double body-switch but was hard to follow. this movie started out very good with a very clear opening and introduction to the narrative. however the story got progressively more convoluted and over-complicated and the ending seemed completely chaotic and nonsensical. and why was the man in the balaclava running away when he was the one with a gun?!! overall very interesting though. go Bursnside!!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A news report suggests that the inventor, Bobby Young, has gone all aggressive towards his collegues. A further voice-over suggests that the reason for this is the pressure he's under to invent something amazing. Here's where I get lost - it seems a body switch occurs to commit and then cover up a crime but I missed how that was done. There were some nice looking shots and then some bloody horrible focus issues. That awful machine buzz was grating and while it looked like an interesting story was developing - it just never got there.

Well slightly cliche topic but was a good introduction...then I got lost. People went here, things were here and it turned into a mess. Still quite well shot but messy.

Everyone seems to point out how messy the plot was and i do agree, it was our first year and we underestimated the need for planning on Friday night, and it will be our goal for next year :) Thanks for all the feedback and hope to show a much better film next year

I think you guys should be proud of this one! I was most impressed by many components. I agree with the others about things getting messy but overall there was lots of variance, didn’t really know where the story was heading which I like (nothing worse than a predictable movie) awesome! I think your team has huge potential for great movies!

Default Avatar Poison

a nice attempt for a bunch of amatuers, but the storyline was far too complicated and completely lacked conviction

Default Avatar manuvatuvai

personally i was disgusted by the racial undertone of this film, how a group of young film makers could do this completely bewilders me, unacceptable.

Default Avatar Tayloruss

Good film

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