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Daddy Gonna Find Ya

by Boys And Their Decks 1,561 views


Nicely done, one of the best one of the nights, looks pretty polished, well done with the baby :)

hilarious! loved the fight scene, "white abo's!" had me laughing hardest. story was a bit weak, would have suited quest movie much more than revenge. overexposure, noise and strange camera angles let this film down. but I liked your use of the long forgotten art of physical/slapstick comedy. pleasure to watch. thanks guys (and their decks) for making somthing so enjoyable

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Two guys in a pub chat over a couple of drinks. One of them retells a story of a time in Australia when he lost his baby, Cletus, to a kidnapper in the bush. He sets out on a mission to get him back. During his journey he gets taken advantage of by Bobby Young and then eventually catches up to the kidnapper - where an epic battle commences! This team was from Greymouth and seemed to have a lot of fun with this. Some nice shots of the bush where mixed with some exposure and camera noise issues. Audience loved its un-PC moments and it was pretty funny at times, but you should never, never kick a baby!

Default Avatar David Larkin

Son was in team, had no idea of film untill screening, certainly got a few laughs, enjoyed `White Abo'.

I LOL at this, white abo’s LOL, main character had great charisma on screen. I think it was an incredible effort for first-timers and I believe we will see great things in the future from you guys. Good audience reaction should make you guys feel really proud!

This one had some great moments. A few technical issues but it was obvious the team were having a lot of fun. Fantastic effort and I think this team has a lot of potential to produce some great films.

Default Avatar vault502

This was another wtf movie. A guy is telling a story to his mate about how he lost his baby. He tramps through the bush, runs out of water, gets chased by a white aborigine, gets his cloaths taken off by a random stranger, finds his baby's kidnapper who throws rocks at him that turn into V cans mid flight, kills the man, picks up his baby, finds out its mexican, kicks it off the cliff, and comes to the conclusion that a dingo stole his baby. It had some really nice locations and filming, I was blowd away. Not really suited for a comedy, but amazing all the same.. especially the camera through the grass and the quarry at the end. The story kept me entertained, a few unexpected twists and turns (I laughed at the mexican line) and some fun acting. Not really sure what the point of this film was... probebly could have been good to have a purpose! (was it comedy? Quest?) This really reminded me of films I used to make, keep it up! You guys have potential.Really looking forward to what to pull out next year.

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