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The Prophet

by Chairman Wow 333 views


Interesting road movie with some delightful stage makeup and dress. Story line showed promise at the start, but felt it lost its way a bit during the movie. The prophet (guy with silver paint on neck) stayed in character throughout and was committed to his role and it showed. Well done. There were some editing and sound issues but otherwise was well constructed. Loved the opening Chairman Wow face.

Once again, no real story but visually pretty cool. As an exercise in makeup and costume design, this film actually delivers the goods, and generates quite a moody, creepy atmosphere along the way. The lead actor was particularly good.

I looked this film up because I remember it was nominated for a few awards at the Auckland final, can't remember which ones but from watching it I'm guessing it was for makeup, soundtrack and cinematography? Because all three were stunning - this film looks and sounds great, and uses the landscape really well. The premise for the genre was also good, but like the other reviewers I agree that it was let down by the story in the second half. Great use of the Bobby Young character though, who was brilliantly played too.

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