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The Last Laugh

by The Flaming Pigeons 125 views


Default Avatar gaelxioza

Good concept and quite funny. If the Battling Seizure Robots scene at the end was cut down significantly the whole thing would have flowed really nicely.

Default Avatar brc

I think this film had some potential. I really like the shots from the police cells etc, pretty cool. Couple of continuity issues in the chess scene, like throwing the ball from behind the bench and walking in from the side... Also watch crossing the line. The scene where they were drugging the party people had some cool effects, but even if it looks cool, don't be afraid to cut it out, as it started to get boring, and a bit too flashy over time. Really liked the story line though, very kiwi

Default Avatar darkcharlotte

A classic way to take the revenge genre, but still done well. The bully was a good actor who played the part well. I thought it took a long time to get to the actual revenge part - could have been bought in earlier. My favourite part was definitely the part where they were making the 'revenge tool', with the cuts between the calculations and the test tubes - nicely shot!

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Two nerdy brothers are bullied, not by Bobby Young, and they seek revenge by trying to steal his RWC tickets that he has won from a radio station. Their plan revolves around the fact that he can never know so he would have to be in a drug induced coma until after the RWC finishes. Some funny acting and an interesting idea but some random sound issues and some over long scenes held the film back a bit. The blow dart drugging scene was amusing but went a bit long. Good effort overall.

Default Avatar 117

An overall enjoyable film. There was some good insight into characters with their motives well played out. Little bit of a continuity error with the dart shooting but other then that a well shot film.

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