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by Sabotage! 257 views


I enjoyed the premise of this film, it was nice to see an attempt at a serious short. Unfortunately it got a few laughs at one point when the lead decided to ignore a woman getting mugged outside his house - I assume this was unintended. There were a few jump cuts in there when talking to his friend, or at least I thought they were jump cuts, they may also have been the lead using his powers to stop time. One of the best uses of the freeze-frame ending in the heat, it tied really well into the story and the main character and wasn't a cop-out at all.

Default Avatar Jesse Jacobsen

A man deals with an unwanted superpower and jealousy. It was good to see a serious attempt at this genre, and the twist at the end was both a good use of the freeze frame and posed a good question of morality. The sound was a little off, the editing left a little to be desired, and the acting and characters could have been stronger. A few unintended laughs hampered the mood.

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