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by Robot Pirate Space Ninjas 544 views


i found this film the funniest of the heat. "that aint got no name" - potential favourite line (and delivery of line by an actor) of the heat too. would watch again.

Funny film. But had a very amateur look to it. Nicely done though

Default Avatar Reflective Film

An enjoyable underdog story, I would suggest a bit more variation with the shots used, especially with the commentator scene. It is asking a lot of the actor to try and say everything well and correct through one take in one shot, would have been better with some mid shots and closeups at the intro of the final battle. Good Job.

Default Avatar choccynibble

The film certainly brought with it a few laughs, and dealt with the "fad" theme. Though in saying that I highly doubt this is the only team that used planking as their fad (evident with another film in the heat alone using it). The plot too, didn't supply much originality, but thanks for the entertainment.

classic as...funny as....good on ya tokie konez

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