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Natural Selection

by Lock That Down! 368 views


I'm guessing this was a school team, and that they shot it at their school. So the first thing I though when I saw it was I wonder if the school was ok with the subject matter of gun battles in the class room. :) Nice effects though and some nice camera work but was let down with not really having a story, as it was really just a concept more then anything.

This was a film I enjoyed. I liked the blend of humour and seriousness that the film had and the way it put forward its message. Natural selection was an interesting film, about a boy in the back of a class who keeps imagining he kills his fellow students, who are all interrupting the teacher. The motivation got a little bit fuzzy for me, because the student was evidently smart, and able to answer the teachers questions, but he wasn't really paying attention, so I didn't understand why the disruption bothered him so much, and in his imagined fight-sequences, he's attacking the teacher too, which confused me even more about why he was imagining the fight. I imagine the team tried to play with the idea of natural selection, the title of the film and the subject which the teacher was explaining, and tie it in somehow to this school-shooting theme, but I'm afraid it went a bit over my head. Perhaps I was just thinking about it too hard and tried to make meaning where there was none. However, it was all done with some lovely shots, some great sound, and some excellent gunfight sequences, and I really loved the way this team used the freeze-frame ending.

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A guy at the back of class is fantasising about killing/battling people in his class but I didn't really get why. Did he hate school, the people in his class, life etc? There was no obvious motivation for his 'revenge'. However I thought it was nicely shot and the action was quite well done.

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