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Magnet Man

by Smoke or Fire 736 views


This was one of the few films which had a superhero being a classical superhero. There were some great shots in the comic-style introduction and though the story was very linear and predictable, there were some funny moments. I particularly enjoyed the villain's exclamation “foiled again” when he was covered in foil by the hero. There was also a very good hook in the middle where the villain calls the hero, but being magnet man, his phone keeps getting repelled by him. There was also a fantastic piece of dialogue by the villain; “All of my life you've tortured me to the heart of my soul's heart”. The magnet man theme song was very catchy and amusing, and the whole thing had a really rough over the top feel to it, which added to its comedic appeal.

Default Avatar Xzadia Johnson

I thought that this short was great... I loved the voice effects when 'Magnet Man' was bullying the villian :)

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